University Park Homes for Sale

University Park Homes for Sale!

university park homes for sale1University Park is located in North Portland and is bordered by Cathedral Park, St. Johns, University Park and Linnton neighborhoods. University Park is a neighborhood that doesn’t dazzle with grand old houses or sculpted greenery or cafes with colorful facades and outside seating. This is a community of nice, modest houses and the students and families who reside in them, a place of straight and relatively quiet streets frequented by bicyclists who prefer a residential area to ride through rather than brave the velocity and vehicle exhaust of North Lombard Street, the busy commercial thoroughfare that serves as this neighborhood’s northern boundary.

The neighborhood is home to the University of Portland, a private catholic college. The school is noted for its powerful women’s soccer team that are always ranked among the top teams in the nation. Although the campus, sitting on the south side of the neighborhood overlooking the river, is attractive and serene the area is most definitely not a “college neighborhood.” Where are the pubs, coffee shops, and other student related businesses? The problem is that there’s no town center where people can congregate and walk. Instead you have to drive from establishment to establishment.

The northern border of University Park is the high traffic (mainly trucks) Lombard Street. Lombard is the the main road through North Portland between I-5 and the St. Johns neighborhood. Along the road you will see paycheck cashing outlets and bars along with fast food restaurants with a few other businesses. The Java Bean, 4823 N. Lombard Street, is the place to stop for a latte, pastry and a chat. For further information contact us at 971.373.8294

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