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Welcome to one of the Beaverton Metro area suburbs best kept secrets! Great place to raise a family! Home for sale in Hillsboro have plenty of opportunities for just about anything you desire. Hillsboro is located in the valley about one and a half hours drive to the beach and one and a half hours drive to skiing on Mt. Hood with lots of lakes and rivers in between. The weather is mild most of the time and you will get a fare share of rain.

With close proximity to the city, Hillsboro homes for sale is an ideal place to settle in for family living. The small town atmosphere also plays host to strong schools and nearby institutions, open community areas, and a high level of community involvement.

Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in the State of Oregon and is the county seat of Washington County.[8] Lying in the Tualatin Valley on the west side of the Portland metropolitan area, the city hosts many high-technology companies, such as Intel, that comprise what has become known as the Silicon KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAForest. At the 2010 Census, the city’s population was 91,611.

For thousands of years before the arrival of European-American settlers, the Atfalati tribe of the Kalapuya lived in the Tualatin Valley near the later site of Hillsboro. The climate, moderated by the Pacific Ocean, helped make the region suitable for fishing, hunting, food gathering, and agriculture. Settlers founded a community here in 1842, later named after David Hill, an Oregon politician. Transportation by riverboat on the Tualatin River was part of Hillsboro’s settler economy. A railroad reached the area in the early 1870s and an interurban electric railway about four decades later. These railways, as well as highways, aided the slow growth of the city to about 2,000 people by 1910 and about 5,000 by 1950, before the arrival of high-tech companies in the 1980s. For further information contact us at 971.373.8294



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