Boise Homes for Sale

Boise Homes for Sale!

Boise homes for sale is a neighborhood in the North and Northeast sections of Portland that has and still is in the process of undergoing rapid development and gentrification. Boise is bordered by the following neighborhoods:  Humboldt to the north, King to the east, Eliot to the south, and Overlook to the west.

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More about Boise homes for Sale. Portland’s Boise-Eliot neighborhood is one of the most unique and most popular Portland neighborhoods. Most locals know Boise-Eliot by a few names: Williams Avenue and Mississippi Avenue. While technically both part of the same neighborhood proper, these two streets have truly developed their own unique personality and feel with respect to the independent businesses that line their streets and the folks who frequent them. For futher information contact Ted Williams @ 360.910.0317

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