Overlook Homes for Sale

Overlook Homes for Sale!

Overlook is located in North Portland and is bordered by the popular University Park, Arbor Lodge, Humboldt, Boise, and Eliot neighborhoods.  Overlook also includes what is known as Swan Island, a mostly industrial area with an active recreational boat launch and port.

As a result of the Portland real estate market boom and like many other Portland neighborhoods, Overlook has seen an influx of new residents to the area. As one might imagine, Overlook has some wonderful areas with beautifully improved homes and neighborhoods and some still in transition.

This area feels a bit secluded as it is on the “other side” of Interstate Avenue but offers convenient access to other local neighborhoods, and the Max light rail train.  Local businesses thrive here- a few standouts are the wacky and ever popular Alibi bar, Pause, Miho Izakaya, Beaterville, Fire on the Mountain, The Overlook House and Dip Rima Dolci Italian Bakery.  Locals shop at New Seasons Market and Fred Meyer and also enjoy the retail and restaurant offerings in the nearby Kenton, St Johns and Mississippi Ave neighborhoods.

While it feels less urban than its neighbors, Overlook offers very “bikable” access to downtown Portland, great mass transit options via light rail and bus and is about a 5 minute drive to downtown Portland. For further information contact Ted J. Williams 360.910.0317

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