Grant Park Homes for Sale

Grant Park Homes for Sale!

grank park homes for sale1The Grant Park community has a family-friendly feel, with quiet, residential streets lined with comfortable family homes.  The gem of the neighborhood is Grant Park, with large mature trees, and a nice playground, as well as a dog park area.  Grant Park adjoins Grant High School, and has lit tennis courts, a pool, a track, and lots of playground equipment for kids. Grant Park is conveniently located near coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping in popular commercial areas lining Broadway, and along Fremont St. in the Beaumont-Wilshire, Irvington and Alameda neighborhoods.  Also nearby in the Hollywood district, you will find additional shops, restaurants, and the popular neighborhood Trader Joe’s market.

Grant Park offers a wide range of home styles, from classic Old Portland style homes to Craftsman Cottages, Cape Codes, Bungalows, Colonials and more.  Along the tree-lined residential streets, you’ll find that homes are well cared for, and yards are nicely landscaped and well maintained. For further information contact Ted J. Williams 360.910.0317

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