Sunnyside Homes for Sale

Sunnyside Homes for Sale!

sunnyside homes for sale 1The Sunnyside Neighborhood motto is “Proud Past, Bright Future”. Sunnyside has a “strong sense of Portland individuality” with many locally owned coffee shops and businesses. Sunnyside is sometimes referred to as the Belmont neighborhood, for its main commercial street, although technically the unofficial geographical area known colloquially as Belmont borders both Sunnyside and Richmond neighborhoods. Sunnyside is bordered by Laurelhurst to the north, Richmond to the south, Buckman to the west, and Mount Tabor to the east. Because of its Victorian architecture and bohemian culture, Hawthorne/Belmont is often compared to San Francisco‘s Haight Ashbury district. Sunnyside has been called Portland’s “uncontested champion of eco-consciousness”.

A part of Sunnyside is sometimes referred to as the Belmont neighborhood for its main commercial street, SE Belmont Street, is the border between the Sunnyside neighborhood and the Richmond neighborhood to the North.

The lure of the neighborhood is accessibility, plenty of locally owned shops that keeps the neighborhood creative, and homes with character. Because of its Victorian architecture and bohemian culture, Hawthorne along with Belmont is often compared to San Francisco’s  Haight Ashbury district.

Portlanders refer to the area as simply “Hawthorne” and they have in mind the area that runs along SE Hawthorne Boulevard between 30th and 42nd Avenues. It is known for its young, liberal residents and pedestrian-friendly high density mixed-use development. Historically, the district has been populated by Generation X and hippies, and more recently, hipsters. It is a young and vibrant neighborhood thanks to having two-thirds of the residents as renters. They are also attracted to Sunnyside’s access to public transportation and affordable older homes.

Two business areas are located in the neighborhood, one along Hawthorne Boulevard and the other along Belmont Street. All along Hawthorne, you will find eateries, coffeehouses, pubs, unique shops, bookstores, and the famous Bagdad Theatre & Pub. It is also has a large Fred Meyer supermarket, one of the few chain stories in the area. Visit the Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association website for more information about the area. For further information contact us at 971.373.8294

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