Alameda Homes for Sale

Alameda Homes for Sale!

alameda homes for sale1Alameda homes for sale is a neighborhood in Northeast Portland, Oregon centered around the cross-streets of NE Fremont and 33rd Avenue. It’s bordered by the Concordia, Beaumont-Wilshire, Grant Park, Irvington, and Sabin neighborhoods.

Home to one of the most sought-after public schools in the city and located a few short blocks from the charming Beaumont Village shopping area, this residential neighborhood features some of the most beautiful and expansive homes in the city.

The heart of the Alameda neighborhood sits on the geologic formation known as the Alameda ridge, atop which you can enjoy unparalleled views of the Willamette River, Cascade Mountains, West Hills and the Portland skyline. Alameda residents enjoy a peaceful neighborhood atmosphere and the convenience of a short walk to several of Northeast’s most stylish cafes and restaurants.


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It’s a neighborhood where you will find tree-lined streets, older architecturally significant and view homes, neighborhood shops, coffee places, and high level of community involvement. The Alameda area was originally known as “Gravelly Hill Road” in honor of a gravel pit at NE 33rd and Fremont. The name was changed in 1909 when the Alameda Land Company established the Alameda Park subdivision. The name has its origins from the Spanish word “álamo,” which refers to the cottonwood tree. Development in this area began in the early 1900s, before cars were widely available, and thus there are a number of steep pedestrian stairways running throughout the neighborhood.


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